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The Unexpected Can Happen at Any Time. Are You Prepared?

My last blog was about my family and I want to expand on that topic.  

Last week we took a family vacation.  We went on a Disney Cruise (we TRY to take a family vacation every year) and it was amazing to see all the multi-generational families on board.   Unfortunately, one night while we were at dinner, we heard an announcement that we didn’t understand.   Our server told us that it was for a medical emergency and the emergency team needed to respond.  

Early the next morning we were woken up by another announcement.  We were told that the ship needed to return to Cozumel to let off a passenger and due to the time restraint, we would no longer be able to go to our next island and were to spend an extra day at sea.  Due to the gossip connections, we were told that a grandmother had a mild heart attack and would be ok.  Of course, I was not happy that we would not be going to the Cayman Islands, but my thoughts immediately went to the grandmother and her family.  What if she did not have a proper healthcare plan?   What if it was worse and nobody was prepared with a Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney?  What if she took medications and no one in the family knew which ones?  

That is why it is so important to have an expanded Family Wealth Management Plan. So many of our older generation do not want to share information with their children.  So many of our older generation are so proud that they think they can do it alone, but why should they?  If you have not sat down with your older family members maybe it is time to do so now.   I have attached a quiz to help you see where your family comes out in the “Are your prepared” categories.   Remember we are here to help you and your family, because, “It’s not just your money, It's your life”.

Aging Parents Readiness Quiz

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