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It’s Not Just Your Money, It’s Your Life™️

I was checking out of the supermarket last night with my 9 year old grandson, who was packing the bags. The teller was an older women and she was watching him for awhile. Then she looked at me with a sad expression and said, "seeing you with your grandson makes me miss mine so much. They live so far away." It made me realize how lucky I was to be so close to all 4 of my grandchildren. What a blessing.

As you all know my son is my business partner and I always say let our family take care of your family. Also many of you know that my office is covered with pictures of my parents, my children and of course my grandchildren.

What you may not know is my daughter is an extremely successful corporate executive. The reason I say extremely successful is because not only did she reach the milestone of being the youngest female managing director for a large investment bank, but she is married and has 3 sons (you’ve seen many pictures). Recently she started writing a blog 52 Weeks of Me and as I said it inspired me!  So I wanted to take this opportunity to share this experience with you. 

One of the missions of Eastern Planning is to help our clients realize, It’s not just your money, it’s your life™️.  It was never more clear to me then standing in that supermarket talking to the cashier. 

By Beth Blecker, CEO

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