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It Isn’t Black or White

It took me a lot of weighing the consequences to decide to write this. In a time when we are so politically polarized, I waited to put my concerns into writing. However this is not politically motivated. This is coming from the perspective of a divorced woman who was a working mother building a small financial planning business into a successful entity (with the extreme help of my partner) and now a still working grandmother. 

It seems that we are being given two choices stay home and save lives or go to work and people will die. That is unless you are an essential worker and then you must go to work at the risk of your life to help save lives.  Life is always made up of choices, but right now I am worried that it isn’t as simple as black or white choose. In my financial planning I always say there are options and choices and we must look at the pros and cons to see which one is best for you. There is very rarely a completely RIGHT answer. The problem is what’s right for one may be absolutely wrong for another. Sometimes it’s a combination of choices that work best. 

Here are a few of my concerns to show that stay home and save lives may be destroying other lives. This isn’t a question of putting money before life. This is a question of loosing everything we have spent years building instead of compromising. So inside of stay home there are many issues.  More than I can possibly describe.  Here are a few. 

You have spent years building a small family nonessential business. You invested not only time but your life savings. You were finally making a nice living. You will never be “rich” but life was good. Now you must close the doors and stay home. Wallmart is an essential business so they stay open. You are already well into what’s left of your savings to stay afloat. Another couple of weeks and you will be forced to closed your doors for good. You are in your 50’s—now what. From hard working middle class to poverty. 

You are a 2 parent working family. Fortunately you CAN work from home. You have worked up the ladder and have even put a crack in the glass ceiling, but your husband is an essential worker so he must report to work everyday, including significant overtime. Money is not an issue. However there is a big issue. You have 3 young children, because women can have it all. The problem is one child is a toddler with no daycare and 2 are in elementary school not really good at online learning without you sitting with them and helping both of them (1st and 3rd grade). I guess you can’t have it all anymore. Now you feel constantly guilty because of how much time your children sit in front of their new babysitter the iPad. How is that going to effect their future or yours if there is no camp this summer and school doesn’t start in September. 

Or what if you’re a parent of a special needs child who looses their services and online learning is just not a fit. You watch that child regress every day and worry about his future disappearing. 

That is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s abuse, other health issues or mental health issues. The list goes on and on. So as I said it’s not black or white. It’s not political. 

I feel like I am a child and my teacher says if anyone talks you all can’t go out for recess. What!  I’m good. I will not talk. Why should I suffer. 

What if the government decides that too many drunk drivers are killing people on the highways. In order to save lives nobody can drive on the highway anymore. I know that sounds crazy but it’s risk vs reward. Most people will wear a mask, wash there hands follow every rule, but they must be allowed to survive. We can’t all stay in for recess because a few will not use social distancing. They will not obey anyway even while we all sit inside and watch as Our Lives disappear. 

Beth L. Blecker, CEO

Eastern Planning Inc. 

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