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The 401(k) Conundrum

If you maximize your 401k for the year, you may lower your taxable income and boost your retirement savings-what’s not to like?

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New Normal = New Tax Law. Four Ways to Sidestep SALT

For better or worse, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is here to stay – until a new tax code is written. Until then, residents of high-tax state residents like those in the tri-state area can consider the four steps below to work within the new, lower SALT (state and local tax) limits.

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Time to Rollover Your Employer Plan? Know Your Options

For years we saw and heard the commercials – rollover your 401(k) to an IRA. They suggested that this was the only option – and the best option – for you. But it was not the only option; and it might not be the best option for you. Here are your six, yes six, options. They should all be carefully considered before you decide the best option for you. These options are available to plans with employees – not all options will apply to sole proprietor plans. Most options will not apply to SEP and SIMPLE plan participants.

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